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Project Home Indy is committed to providing a holistic and culturally sensitive approach to providing services and programs to each young family it serves. Unlike the more common maternity home model, Project Home Indy provides a long-term residential environment where program opportunities are structured based on a person-centered case management framework. Our program aims to break the cycle of poverty.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Increase completion of high school or GED
  • Increase enrollment in technical/post-secondary education
  • Increase employability and employment opportunities
  • Increase healthy parenting and life skills
  • Increase access to pediatric and maternal health care
  • Prevent repeat teen pregnancy
  • Transition successfully to independent living
  • Decrease dependency on public assistance programs

Project Home Indy supports teen mother’s need for a safe and healthy environment to encourage individual and family success. In addition to extended-stay residential services in a safe, structured and supportive environment, Project Home Indy offers each teen a comprehensive assessment designed to determine the appropriate type and intensity of services needed for her. We offer programs and activities in the areas summarized below, either internally or through community partnerships in order to promote self-sufficiency for our residents and their children.

Life SkillsParenting
Transitional Services
Home care
Economic literacy
HealthcarePre- and post-natal care
Pediatric, adolescent, maternal health
Alcohol and substance abuse treatment
Mental health services
Family counseling
High school
Job training
Technology training
College preparation

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Project Home Indy serves up to five teen mothers and their child(ren). A 13-member Board of Directors governs Project Home Indy with expertise spanning healthcare, social services, development, legal, accounting, technology, non-profit management. An Executive Director manages the daily operations of the organization.