Monkee Love Flash Mob



Today is pretty huge day for Project Home Indy!

We have been chosen by Glennon Melton of and her Monkee See – Monkee Do Organization  for a fundraising flash mob! What that means is that for the next 48 hours, Glennon’s followers, The Monkees (over 65,000 strong) will come together to raise funds for Project Home Indy. Their goal? $83,000 – the cost of hosting one mama and her baby at PHI for a year!

The Monkees have already begun and according to Glennon via a Facebook update, they have raised $10,000 in thirty minutes! This is particularly remarkable in that the maximum donation allowed is $25. That’s how the Monkees roll!

To read more about the effort including a beautiful piece by Project Home Indy’s own Sarah Nielsen or for more information on donating, click here.

In the words of Glennon, “We can do hard things.” You can help by donating to the effort and by sharing this information with others.

Thank you so very much.

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